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**Looking Glass Blocks** simplify the delivery of 3D media across multiple platforms and devices with a single embed or link.

It displays 3D media in 3D across any device (VR/AR headset, desktop, phone, Looking Glass displays) by capturing up to 100 perspectives of 3D scenes in a holographic piece of media.

Margaery by Jay Howse

Margaery by Jay Howse

Omar by Jay Howse

Omar by Jay Howse

With Looking Glass Blocks, you only have to render out your 3D media once. Simply upload it, and it will live across any platform, forever, on a link that belongs to you.

<aside> 🌐 https://blocks.glass/JayHowse/901


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Looking Glass Blocks takes the 3D information saved into a **Quilt** and displays it in the highest fidelity possible for each platform.

On desktop, you get an interactive window On mobile, your hologram moves with user-gesture controls And in AR/VR, you get a super-stereoscopic window into the hologram


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Receiving Your Invite

Uploading Your First Hologram

When can I share?

Today! 😃 Users that click on blocks.glass will be shown a home page that will prompt them to sign up, but clicking an individual link to a block, like https://blocks.glass/jari/975 will take the user to a page showcasing that hologram.